Dr. George Kennedy and Dr. Linda Hanley-Bowdoin leading the project meeting as Co-Principal investigators.
Mary Wambugu, Dr. Will Sharpee, Dr. Steen Hoyer, Dr. Siobain Duffy, Dr. Ignazio Carbone, and Alvin Crespo participating the PIRE project annual project meeting.
Catherine Doyle, Dave Deppong, Anna Dye, Dr. Steen Hoyer and Dr. Will Sharpee getting ready for the first day the project meeting.

NSF PIRE project meeting at BecA-ILRI Hub in Kenya, Nairobi.

Over a few days, November 5 th -8 th , 2018 we meet as group for an NSF PIRE project meeting at BecA-ILRI Hub in Kenya, Nairobi. The meeting brought individual team members from NCSU, Rutgers, Auburn, and ECSU and multiple African Partners institutions. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss progress on project aims and circumvent hurdles. It was a busy and fruitful three days filled with many talks, deep discussions, and team building. One highlight was a round table discussion among the cassava community in Nairobi about how to work together to overcome common challenges facing cassava food security. Overall, the meeting was a success in marking milestones that been accomplished in establishing a whitefly transmission lab at the BecA-ILRI Hub and successful sequencing DNA viruses.